Massage research is an important way to promote an understanding of what bodywork therapists actually do and the results that can be achieved.

Carpet Cleaner to Healer- The Power of Touch Intention

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“I didn’t want to be a massage therapist; I wanted to be a healer.” Those words said by Skip Kanester, Instructor of Tui Na at IPSB College, made Oscar Arce perk up. For 26 years Oscar Arce ran his own carpet cleaning business. When the economy took a downturn and the trend increased to use laminate instead of carpet for flooring, Oscar pondered other career paths. He started taking classes at the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB College) but often wondered, “What the heck am I doing in massage school? I have an interest in massage but is this the career change for me?”

Upon hearing Skip’s words, Oscar’s focus became how he could be an agent of change in someone’s healing process. He was drawn to the Eastern modalities of healing touch. Tui Na, one of the oldest recorded forms of bodywork is considered the physical medicine of the traditional Chinese system of healing. As Skip Kanester explains, “if someone’s goal is to be a healer, as opposed to a therapeutic bodyworker, a traditional source system like Tui Na and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a great place to start one’s studies.” In addition to Tui Na, Oscar studied Jin Shin Acutouch with Barbara Clark. Barbara had developed Jin Shin Acutouch after studying and practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu® for many years. She integrated her experiential knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu® with an in-depth understanding of ancient Asian healing theories to create Jin Shin Acutouch. Jin Shin Acutouch means “Compassionate Spirit Penetrating through Touch”.

During this time, Oscar’s wife, Laura had been suffering from extreme pre-menopause symptoms of having her menses every two weeks. She was in the hospital five different times. The doctor’s had a hard time keeping her red blood cell count up. In addition, she was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue, an autoimmune dis-ease that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy. Oscar took all the information he had learned while studying at IPSB and began to apply this knowledge to his wife’s symptoms. Each day he blended a smoothie for her of beet, kale, chia and berries, which he learned in the Food as Medicine class at IPSB, with Chance Billmeyer. Within three weeks her RBC was up to 12.5. A normal red blood cell count is between 12 to 14 points. Laura’s count had been down to 6.2.

With her blood count stabilized, Oscar combined the tools he learned in Tui Na with Jin Shin Acutouch to help Laura’s body regulate hormone levels and stabilize her menstrual cycle. Through Oscar’s continued intention to be an agent of healing for his wife, they were able to uncover a long line of food allergies and deal with each through his eastern touch therapies and Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).

Today, Laura has none of her presenting symptoms and has through Oscar’s intention to be an agent of healing, developed a balanced and healthy lifestyle. From a hunch that massage school might be a place to explore a career path, to understanding the power of touch in the healing process, Oscar now has a new career objective of opening a clinic which will focus on helping clients eliminate food allergies. And it all started with the words “I wanted to be a healer.”


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